Yesterday, my last fullmoon in Granada

Yesterday, i can enjoy my last night with fullmoon in Granada. I gone to give a long walk around the city. I did want saw again any places to the moonlight. Important places for me, because in these places i had a very nice moments.

Three or those places was very important.

First: the Lorca park with the cats, the old black cat, he told me a lot of marvelous things. Also any persons that i meet there, we said hi and smile because we  did feel any special conection.

Second: The triumph place with Elvira’s door. For this door, in the old times the city came to received the kings that arrive at Granada. In this place, i was absorved for the planet manifestation and i gone with her, in the middle, with my sentence on a piece of carton.

“If we can`t be careful with ourself, ¿how we can be careful with our house?”

Third: Santa Ana´s place, where i hada my own place for to be sit in the floor and see the world.

I did finish my


photo of here

walk in “Campo príncipe” drunk a bottle of sidra in front to a very beautiful french woman. I wait will see her again.

Today in the mornig, i continued my special walk going to my special place to the mountain near the city. When i arrive, the family of skirrel that i meet was wait for me and i rest under the “pinos” see they playing in the trees; with a lot of butterflies around and over me and a small hare that out of between the grass and came to say hi! and after go to do their things.


photo of here.

All this things are not possible for a lot of people, and if we continuos doing our job in the nature, is possible that disappear of the world.

I  feel that i`m a lucky man for can enjoy all this special things. Thanks nature, skirrel and other, for being my friends.





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