This is my own birthday present

Today I want speak about a film that I finish to saw in few minutes, ago. But first I have one comment to do:

All have the some origin. Is not important, that you have, your colour, your culture, your tribe.

All lost the mean and knowledges of our origin common, with the time. But each culture and tribe remember one part of the map for return to this origin. Ones of this parts are similar, or are the some thing, don´t exist a lot of parts. Only one that was separated for ourselves.

And said this, I will go with the film:

Wooooowwww, like a dragon´s warrior say: “I think that I doing a few of “pipí””.

No me pude resistir...

No me pude resistir…

Speak about the things that are back of all things, speak about the primary energy that exists, one energy that is common to all. Is possible that we transform this energy because we don’t know use this without do it. But all use the some energy for do all things that we do in the material world.

I love Mawi, is my idol, jajajaja, don’t think, don´t nothing, only do and enjoy the life.

I love the grandmother, she believe, she doesn’t have fear to be different or be considered crazy. Always with happiness.

I love the father, because try protect his daughter, but is impossible, only can teach and permit that she will herself. He need learn a lot of things.

I love the mother, because can understand the father and explain, translate at her daughter, but this is not her job.

I love Vaiana, because can ear, can see.

And I understand why tefity change in a darkness force. If the other don’t have enough with your presents and come to take more with bad forms, if you lost your heart like consequence…

All can change inside your and need find… your own heart again.

Nobody, nothing is better or worst. Only are lost and need to be found


One tribe.

Only different persons, I can help some if they permit; others can help me, if I permit.

If I cant help you, don’t have problem, other will can do it, other will can help me.

But, don’t wish pain or damage, don’t provoke this, only continues walking for your way.

Be positive, and pain doesn’t convert in suffering.


If you understand the mean of one of these words, the others come to your live








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